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Patients may be categorized according to types based on signs, both intraoral and extraoral, and symptoms for TMJ disorders. Age of the patient does not seem to be a factor.
TYPE I no signs or symptoms no treatment required
TYPE II signs but no symptoms correction of signs
TYPE III signs and symptoms TMJ patient most common
TYPE IV no signs but symptoms TMJ patient, difficult




Large old failing restorations Facial asymmetry
Chipped/worn anterior teeth Shoulder height discrepancy
Posterior wear facets Eye/ear level discrepancy
Broken cusps Forward head posture
Midline discrepancies Head bending
Cervical erosion Body tilt
Depressed curve of Spee Rolled shoulders

Deviation or deflection
Cervical enamel notching
Deep bite
Lingual position of anterior teeth
Narrow arches
Posterior crossbite
Buttressed bone
Anterior tongue thrust
Lateral tongue thrust
Scalloped lateral tongue border
Flared upper anterior teeth
Anterior open bite


Forehead Sinus pain
Temporal Sinus problems
Tension headaches Post nasal drainage
Migraine headaches Allergies
Sinus headaches

Back of head headaches EYES
Hair/scalp tender to touch
Pain in/around eyes

Bloodshot eyes
EAR Sensitive to light
Ear pain without infection Tearing of eyes
Decreased hearing
Blurred vision
Clogged, itchy or stuffy Pressure behind eye
Ringing, buzzing

Dizziness NECK
Balance problems Lack of mobility

THROAT Neck pain
Swallowing difficulties
Tired/sore neck muscles
Feeling of foreign object in throat Shoulder pain
Sore throat without infection Back pain: middle, lower
Voice changes Arm/finger pain/numbness
Frequent coughing or clearing

Abnormal opening
JAW Limited opening
Jaw pain Bad bite
Jaw joint pain Missing teeth
Clicking/popping jaw joint Excessive mouth breathing
Grating sound in jaw joint Clench or grind teeth
Pain in cheek muscles Mouth discomfort
Uncontrollable jaw movements Inability to find "bite"
Jaw locks open/shut
Deviates to one side on opening/closing


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