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The BioPak

Do you wake up with sore jaw muscles? Do you grind your teeth? Do you have frequent headaches?

Ensure the success of your restorations by first having your jaw analyzed.

Are you thinking of improving your smile? Before you do, consider the possibility that you may have a problem with your jaw that BioPAK can help diagnose.

What is it?

BioPAK is a non-invasive and painless computerized diagnostic aid that measures the health of your jaw joints and craniofacial muscles.

How long does it take?

30-45 minutes

Why do I need it?

The BioPAK tells your Doctor whether problems with your jaw muscles or joints have caused the failure of your natural detention. This is very important because facial muscles, jaw-skull relationships and the health of your jaw joints must be considered by your dentist in developing a treatment plan that is right for you.

Undiagnosed jaw joint and muscle pathology can destroy the most carefully placed restoration and can flare up as joint dysfunction, muscle spasm and pain. Finding the correct position for your jaw will improve the look, health and feel of your restorations.

Ask the doctor or staff if the BioPAK is appropriate for you.

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