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About TMJ

About TMJ

Your jaw plays a large role in your daily life, from talking, chewing and even yawning. The temporomandibular joint connects your skull’s temporal bones and your jaw, which gives you the ability to open and close your mouth. Those who experience problems with the joint can experience much pain and inconvenience.

Patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder frequently seek the advice and assistance of Dr. Zusko to help relieve their symptoms. Although TMD symptoms can range from mild to severe, patients who wait too long to visit Dr. Zusko can begin experiencing unbearable muscle pain or cause damage to their teeth or cosmetic treatments including veneers or dental implants.

Muscle or myofascial disorders cause pain in the facial or neck muscles that control jaw movement. This condition causes soreness and pain, and can contribute to:

  • Teeth misalignment (poor bite)
  • Tooth grinding and wear, or bruxism
  • Missing teeth
  • Muscle tension or spasm in the head and/or neck area

Dr. Zusko, a General Dentist focusing much of his practice on TMJ & Ortho, is an excellent choice for Windsor area patients experiencing TMJ-related issues. To discuss any dental concerns that may be the root cause to your TMJ pain, please call our practice today to schedule your consultation. We will discuss your concerns and will help determine the best course of action to treat your TMJ dysfunction.

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